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To investigate the factors that affect rate of reaction Essay Example for Free

To research the variables that influence pace of response Essay I will empty one part into the glass phial, I will at that point measure out five unique convergences of corrosive. I will do this by utilizing a two molar corrosive and will shift the proportion of water, the blends will be: Acid Water 25 ml 0 ml = 2 molar 15 ml 5 ml = 1. 6 molar 12. 5 ml 12. 5 ml = 1. 2 molar 10 ml 15 ml = 1 molar 5 ml 10 ml = 0. 8 molar Then I will empty the two molar corrosive into the phial, put the stopper on and start the clock when the plug is set up, so we can begin timing when gas is being gathered and not before as this would make it an invalid aftereffect of the initial ten seconds. I will rehash this procedure for every focus. After each test I will flush out the phial, to ensure the marble chips wont begin responding before I pour the corrosive in. I will record the estimation from the syringe like clockwork by collapsing the cylinder over to prevent the gas from getting away through, and will purge the syringe of gas after each investigation. Preliminary Run Below is an outcomes table demonstrating our first preliminary run of our strategy so I can check whether anything needs evolving. Fixation g/dm3 Time (s) 2 molar 1. 6 molar 1. 2 molar 1 molar 0. 8 molar. These outcomes do follow the example anticipated so I won't change my strategy for the genuine test. Mechanical assembly . 5 allotting chambers to gauge the various focuses . Water . 2 molar corrosive . syringe to gauge the gas delivered . 5 loads of little marble chips each gauging 2. 5 grams . Electronic gauging scales to weigh out the marble chips. 5 measuring utencils to hold the marble chips . Elastic cylinder with a stopper connected to catch the gas delivered . A phial to hold the marble chips with the corrosive while responding . Stop clock to take readings at regular intervals Fair Test I will ensure it is a reasonable test by washing out the phial after every response has occurred so the following part of marble chips wont begin responding before the investigation starts. I will utilize a similar container of 2 molar corrosive to ensure I dont utilize somewhat various focuses and will rehash the analysis multiple times to get a decent normal of the outcomes. Additionally I will utilize a similar estimating chambers so I will quantify the equivalent closest ml each time. Strategy . Ensure you have all the gear expressed in mechanical assembly list . Weigh out five heaps of 2. 5g of marble chips . Measure out the five unique fixations . Pour one parcel of marble chips into the phial . Pour corrosive in the phial with the chips and spot on the stopper . When plug is set up start the stopwatch . Like clockwork record the gas estimation from the syringe . Flush out the phial and rehash for every fixation . Record all outcomes on a table SAFETY BOX. Wear goggles and covers to shield from corrosive spillage . Keep top on corrosive when not being used . Ensure sacks and covers are off the beaten path Results Concentration g/dm3 Time (s) 2 molar 1. 6 molar 1. 2 molar 1 molar 0. 8 molar Concentration g/dm3 Time (s) 2 molar 1. 6 molar 1. 2 molar 1 molar 0. 8 molar Average Results Here is a table demonstrating the normal of the three arrangements of results that I have recorded: Fixation g/dm3 Time (s) 2 molar 1. 6 molar 1. 2 molar 1 molar 0. 8 molarâ Results Table for Rate Of CO2 Production Concentration g/dm3 ( Rate Of CO2) Time (s) 2 molar 1. 6 molar 1. 2 molar 1 molar Evaluation Overall I feel that my outcomes are solid yet not as precise as they could be. Explanations behind this are the estimating chamber for estimating the corrosive and water was just exact to 0. 5ml and the syringe to quantify the creation of CO2 gas was just precise to 1ml, or more with the natural eye understanding it. The parity to weigh out the little marble chips was extremely precise to 0. 01g yet there was no assurance that the surface region was a similar which will have influenced the outcomes. Beginning the stopwatch at the very same time for each test was unimaginable and will have fluctuated each time influencing the initial 10 second readings. In my hypothesis I referenced about temperature affecting the pace of a response, and the room temperature wasnt the equivalent every day during the analysis so this will likewise have included inaccuracys. Because of human blunder the gas may have spilled out through the cylinder while we were attempting to peruse from the syringe bringing about us perusing all the more then what we ought to have. With this considered I have presumed that in spite of the fact that my outcomes follow the examples and patterns anticipated they arent precise. If I somehow happened to do the trial again then I would have indistinguishable measure of marble chips from well as a similar load as this would make the surface zone progressively exact. I would likewise do the analyses across the board day with the goal that the temperature would be generally the equivalent. Likewise I would most likely utilize an alternate technique for following the mass rather than dislodging. I would do this on the grounds that despite the fact that uprooting is clear and basic, it can likewise be off base and is perused the natural eye, while mass misfortune would be finished with a machine and would be very precise. I have discovered no odd outcomes as each chart follows the patterns and examples anticipated. My diagrams plainly show that my hypothesis was right. The impact hypothesis specifically as this was the factoral that we were evolving (focus). The higher the molarity the more particles there were in a similar volume of water so the quicker the response. As should be obvious from my diagrams that the higher the molarity went the quicker the gas was delivered. All in all the examination went quite well and I have demonstrated that my hypothesis was right and that my outcomes are dependable. You can see this from the diagrams present. Show review just The above see is unformatted text This understudy composed bit of work is one of numerous that can be found in our GCSE Patterns of Behavior area.

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Dar es Salaam Essay

WHY STUDENTS’ TEACHERS’ IN TANZANIA STUDY HISTORY OF EDUCATION DAVID E. MSHANA DEC. 2012 Education as indicated by Nyerere (1967), alludes to the transmission starting with one age then onto the next the gathered astuteness and information on the general public and to plan youngsters for their future enrollment of the general public and their dynamic interest in its turn of events. In other manner it tends to be characterized as a procedure of educating, preparing and adapting particularly in schools or universities to improve information and create abilities. (Oxford Advanced students Dictionary, sixth Edition). Training is the way toward securing and creating alluring information, explicit aptitudes, uplifting mentalities and qualities. (Thungu, J. et al, 2010) History is the investigation of the records of all past human encounters, as characterized by various students of history. It is worried about political, social, monetary, logical, innovative and social which have molded and brought forth humanity. History of instruction can be characterized as the investigation of the past advancement of instructive frameworks, hypotheses and foundations inside the general authentic system of political, social, financial, logical, innovative and social change. (Thungu, J. et al, 2010) REASONS WHY STUDENTS’ TEACHRERS’ STUDY HISTORY OF EDUCATION First of all, examining history of instruction encourages instructors to be in improving nature of training and reinforce proficient capability. Considering history of instruction gets ready educators to investigate and fundamentally look at choices training speculations, practices and culture in order to dispassionately figure out what is worthy. (Thungu, J. et al, 2010) Likewise, past experience help instructors to be to impact current choices today. History of instruction encourages educators to be to improve dynamic and judgment. Through it both great and awful instances of choice are given. History of training offers the open door from past case of the others through which definition of strategies to suit the present instruction frameworks are made. In addition, assists with drawing examination of various instructive thoughts and to show the advancement of different instructive hypotheses and practices in instructive setting. Through examination one can show the advancement of a specific hypothesis and practice in chronicled setting and exhibits a specific condition out, which such a hypothesis emerged, the particular capacity that a training was expected to serve. (Thungu, J, et al, 2010) History of instruction gives the chance to perceive how society has changed over hundreds of years. It gives a superior comprehension of individuals and culture. Tanzania specifically, instruction framework has been changing every now and then with respect to occasion goals of indigenous training are not quite the same as the post provincial period. Through it, instructor to be can have the option to show the distinction targets of training basing on various age. (http//:www. wikipedia. history of training/) Helps to develop the specialty of self articulation, correspondence, request, target thinking and capacity to decide on the educators to be. It empowers in the building up the demeanor of psyche that recognize the informed individual, the propensity for suspicion and analysis of intuition with point of view and goal of judging what is positive or negative, just as gauging the upsides and downsides. (Thungu, J. et al. 2010) Studying history of training empowers understudy educators in picking reasonable techniques and methodologies when in study hall condition or setting. Understudy instructors to be in acceptable situation to keep away from static strategies for educating and learning, simultaneously hypothesis improve the convention techniques to coordinate with current circumstance. (http//:www. wikipedia. history of training/) Also, it uncovered the understudy instructors to other order, for example, history, Christian religion instruction, oral writing, human science and brain science. This aides in enhancing the examination of significant instructive thoughts. (Thungu, J. et al, 2010) It empowers understudy educators in coordinating both hypothetical and down to earth instruction. Understanding the setting of authentic occasions cause the soul of authenticity. Through different instruction speculations makes or construct great premise in usage of educational program. (Thungu, J. et al 2010) Then, it helps in setting up the sound information and aptitudes set in which instructors will have the option to work as they are presented to various beneficial encounters. For example, having considered a background marked by instruction in a specific culture, an understudy educator will be in a decent situation to deal with the understudies of that society successfully and effectively. (http//:www. wikipedia. history of training/) Studying history of instruction encourages understudy educators to interpret data and judgment, experience and astuteness into significant information that an understudy can comprehend, hold and go to other people. By and large, Studying history of training for the instructors to be is vital to their possibilities of educating. History of training is an integral part of the showing calling, if an educator needs to be powerful and proficient. REFERENCES http//:www. wikipedia. history of training/thirteenth, Jan, 2011; 11:08 am Ishumi, A. G. M. , (1978), Education and Development, Dar es Salaam: National Printing Company Limited. Lema, E. et al (2004), Nyerere on Education, Dar es Salaam: Oxford University Press Mushi, A. K. (2009), History and Development of Education in Tanzania, Dar es Salaam: Dar es Salaam University Press Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, sixth release, (2000). Thungu, J. et al (2010), Mastering PTE Education, Nairobi: Oxford University Press.

Explore Shakespeares presentation Essay Example for Free

Investigate Shakespeares introduction Essay While investigating the parental connections in Hamlet, the center will certainty lead back to the character of Hamlet. His association, somehow, to different characters permits one to watch Hamlets conduct and intentions. The connections among Polonius and his youngsters, Leartes and Ophelia, are perceived, yet Hamlets obedient connections convey more weight regarding significance. The character of Hamlet is a key figure who assumes a focal job among the three parental connections he is a piece of. These connections offer ascent to issues of submission and parental obligations. Denmark being a Christian nation, expects its kinsmen to follow the rules of the religion. One of the Ten Commandments expresses that one must respect thy mother and father. Hamlet turns out to be progressively impolite towards his mom as a result of her ongoing union with his uncle Claudius, and transparently expresses that she is her spouses siblings wife (14;4;3). As per the laws at that point, as expressed in The Book of Common Prayer, to wed ones brother by marriage was illegal. The crowd reverberation Hamlets moral shock yet he comes to enthusiastically severely dislike his mom, nauseated at her depraved wants. Villages sicken ejects at the way that his mom re-wedded yet two months after his dads passing. As a dedicated and cherishing child to his dad, Hamlet is devastatingly squashed that his mom could so rapidly and effectively supplant the man in both their lives he adores and regards with an undying amazement. This leads Hamlet to view his mom as a malevolent lady demonstrating that he trusts her to be happy of her spouses demise. His language enhances a feeling of sound similarity, sounding the murmur of a snake. A snake is viewed as a risky, perilous animal related with deftness and shrewdness. The inhumane reptile may be a picture Hamlet partners with his mom, who he feels quickly and shrewdly contrived to kill his adored dad with a malignant nature, rendering her unequipped for any sort of regret. Hamlet shows up to a state of such scorn that he can't hold up under even to have any connection to his mom. For him would it were not really, you are my mom (15;4;3) demonstrating that he wrecks the dutiful obligation of mother and child. The monosyllabic expressions of his language here, give his discourse pace, which could recommend Hamlets contemplations to be constrained by overpowering feeling, making them silly. Notwithstanding, the respite in mid-sentence decreases this pace and give his discourse certainty, demonstrating that he obviously has no an incentive for his mom. The crowd before long neglect to keep on feeling for Hamlet, as his consistent absence of regard develops to a point where Gertrude fears for her life because of her own child and startled, questions whether Thou shrivel not murder me? (20;4;3). At this point Hamlets conduct has gotten seriously vicious, so fierce that Gertrude decides to utilize the word murder rather than slaughter. This recommends Hamlet has a block blooded and twisted nature, without a doubt disrespecting his mom and neglecting to comply with the obligations of his religion. This wrongdoing ventures Hamlets character into submitting further sins. He feels sorry for and identifies with the o poor apparition of his dad. His language mirrors a profound and significant distress for which he should hold his heart, making his emotions be subdued. Subsequently Hamlet accepts that he was destined to fix it proposing his excitement for vengeance. It shows that Hamlet trusts it is his obedient obligation, which he means to finish with most extreme dedication. Hamlet worships his dad finding no wrong at all in him in spite of Denmark having kicked the bucket with every one of my blemishes on my head. The phantom is a portrayal of Denmarks uncompleted life as in he passed on without admitting his transgressions. This recommends the phantom is enduring a lot of agony and stress, which Hamlet unquestionably experiences as well. The way that his dad passed on thusly creates more compassion from Hamlet and consequently adds to his hankering for requital. His evil retaliation amasses permitting his brutality to be ousted through the killing of Polonius, one more sin. One parental obligation is to look out for your youngster, shielding them from hurt. Voyeuristically, Polonius watches Hamlet, with an end goal to be whiteness to any wrong conduct, so he can shield his little girl from Hamlet. Be that as it may, Hamlet locates a rodent who he murders with no thought. Hamlet shows a tremendous measure of lack of respect to Polonius, who is a potential dad in law to him. He relates a potential dad figure to a creature, radically diminishing his status, moreover, resembling him to a creature disdained by numerous in view of its vermin tainted notoriety. Maybe Polonius could be contaminated with the ailment of malevolent, because of the supporting of Claudius scheming plan to expel Hamlet from the nation. In light of that, as a support for killing Polonius, Hamlet alludes to himself as a scourge and priest (177;3;4) suggesting that he has completed the Lords work. Presently Hamlet accepts his dad to be God like proposing he trusts himself to be simply the child of God, giving a strict platform whereupon his activities can be advocated. The effect of the outrage submitted is surpassed uniquely by the titanic shamelessness of Hamlets character, resultant of his dishonest connection to the holiest strict figure, uncovering an upsetting measure of presumption on his part. His rash conduct implies that his thought for whom the rodent might be comes after he has murdered him. It is at exactly that point that he questions, is it the King? . The way that he doesn't ask precisely what it's identity is, joined with the way that it is Claudius who he asks of first, unequivocally shows his devoted longing for his uncles demise. This at that point permits the crowd to see Hamlets unshaken commitment to his dad. Polonius incognito nearness gives an unmistakable vibe of claustrophobia. This mirrors the suffocation Hamlet experiences because of the many consolidated parental figures that exist in his over a wide span of time. Shakespeare would organize the play with the utilization of numerous troopers to increase the claustrophobia. Notwithstanding its additional cost, it assisted with making a feeling of disquiet among the crowd who at that point could identify with the manner in which Hamlet felt caught for I should hold my tongue. The crowd watch the manner in which his sentiments have gotten indescribable. This breaks Hamlets heart causing him an enormous measure of anguish, which is added to by his mounting dissatisfaction from his inaction towards his much extraordinarily spurned uncle. Hamlet is incensed with himself for crying such a significant number of tears of grieving with no activity, appeared differently in relation to The Player who might suffocate the phase with tears in his circumstance. This recommends Hamlet feels insufficient which infuriates him. He decides to relate The Players tears to suffocating, which is to be expended. As his own emotions are indescribable thus quelled, one can accept Hamlet relates The Player to his latent capacity show of grieving. It tends to be said then that his sorrow has come to devour him. However for an expending measure of distress, Hamlet stays Like John-a-fantasies expanding his rage. This proposes he respects his desires to be vacant and without achievement. Despite the fact that, at one phase he Draws his blade, and practically finishes his feud, however rules against it, not having any desire to do this equivalent scalawag send to paradise, because of Claudius admitting his wrongdoings now. Justifiably, in a specific way, Hamlet wants the most noticeably terrible for Claudius. However to consistently postponement, and afterward at long last arrive at a point where he can fulfill his dissatisfaction just as his goal, and afterward not, questions the profundity of his sentiments. Sigmund Freud is the dad of therapy and designed the idea of the Oedipal complex. In view of the Greek fanciful story of Oedipus, the complex investigates the conceivable profound seeded sexual wants children may have for their mom, bringing about desire and disdain towards their dad. In spite of his shallow energy for vengeance, Hamlet stays idle with respect to satisfying it. This excitement could in actuality be a cover for his desire towards Denmark, his dad. One might say that in murdering Denmark, Claudius fulfills Hamlets wants as to the Oedipal complex, along these lines rendering Hamlet unequipped for executing him, clarifying his inaction. Villas sexual wants for his mom can likewise be deciphered from the colossal envy he has for his uncle. Hamlet hungers for his uncles demise for killing his dad and taking his crown, however secretly for laying down with his mom. Besides Hamlet shows an incredible feeling of sexism in seeming to hate his mom. He accepts she is dependent upon delicacy suggesting that she is powerless for surrendering to her sexual wants for Claudius. The incongruity, be that as it may, is that Hamlets disappointment is established in the powerlessness he experiences, to concede his own depraved shortcoming. To such an extent is his dissatisfaction that the phantom of Denmark must remind him to leave her to paradise (86;5;1) and being that more than once, this demonstrates an extreme detestation for his mom. In view of this, it is in this way debateable regarding who Hamlet is increasingly rankled with Gertrude or Claudius? In a characteristic request, kids are dutiful and cherishing towards their folks. Hamlet anyway hates his mom and disrespects her while simultaneously, shamefully wants her explicitly. This mirrors the confusion of the entire play, quite a bit of which is identified with the turmoil in parental connections. Hamlet calls Claudius his Uncle Father which is wry yet dubious and leaves Hamlet confounded. His mockery is impolite and shameful towards Claudius as he is going about as Hamlets father. Hamlet advises Claudius to discover the body of Polonius ithother place yourself alluding to damnation and along these lines truly advises Claudius to take a hike. By and large, Shakespeare doesn't speak to one single parental relationshi

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Reflective Account on Communication free essay sample

Correspondence is significant so as to communicate necessities and feelings. There are two sorts of correspondence, verbal and non-verbal, the two of which are significant in understanding and supporting somebody. This report depends on a multi year old woman that finds verbal correspondence hard, because of modesty. She additionally has bipolar and cerbal-palsey. The correspondence hindrance I have with AB is she is discovering addressing me other then truly, no and don’t know hard. She is bashful and shy. Stomach muscle doesn't take part in discussion without any problem. I accept that it is critical to discover method of convey as it is the manner in which we express needs and feelings. I decided to peruse her consideration plan and all records held at her property, composed by other help laborers and different callings working with AB. I did this so I would know what others have found to work or not and what is the kind of correspondence AB decides to utilize. We will compose a custom paper test on Intelligent Account on Communication or on the other hand any comparable theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page This is likewise a decent method of impart between staff that work with AB and it will guarantee consistency of care for her. From perusing this data I found that AB needs to manufacture a relationship with an individual before she can correspondence or look, these can take quite a while when you are just present for brief periods. I am taking a shot at building a decent connection with AB at present. I show an enthusiasm for her life, her family and different things that I have perused see is keen on, or been doing. I generally inquire as to whether she realizes what she might want to do every day. I will keep on perusing journal each visit. I likewise found that the way that I approach her is significant, so I generally approach AB with an extremely uplifting demeanor and continually reminding AB that I am there to help her. The obstructions to correspondence among myself and AB is that she can verbally drive however is deciding not to address me, more than single word answers and expresses discreetly. I am attempting to over come this hindrance by quit doing what I am doing to ensure that I am giving AB my complete consideration, listening cautiously and indicating enthusiasm for her. More often than not AB is glad to make short responses to questions. In the event that AB is, at that point disturbed to speak with me, I remind AB that I am there to help her and will be here to converse with in the event that she so picks, as it is her decision. I additionally watch the sort of non-verbal communication that AB is utilizing to help turn out how she is feeling about the circumstance. Abdominal muscle does likewise have picture cards to assist her with commuting, however decide not to utilize them. I can watch that she has comprehended what I have help I by watching her responses and short answers AB give. By continually reminding and permitting AB to settle on her own decisions and regarding her desires to speak with me or not I am working in a manner to forestall segregation. Considering how I spoke with AB, I accept that I attempted as far as I could possibly know at that point, however by doing some examination I could discover different methods of opening corresp ondence lines and I have to keep an eye out additional for non-verbal communication signs, about the manner in which AB is feeling. Having notes from others about what they have attempted and how they have functioned or not, causes me recognize what things that may help get the lines of correspondence open and what things to look into. There are numerous individuals that are working with or have a relationship AB, that I could request bolster and prompt like: discourse and language treatments, relatives, companions, GP, area nurture, other help works. These individuals have diverse comprehends of AB’s needs and information on supporting people with correspondence hindrances. These individuals may have better approaches for supporting and creating correspondence. It is significant that any data that is shared is in AB wellbeing and with her insight. All data that is put away about AB is secured by the Data insurance act 1998, which expressed that it is to be kept secure. My organization additionally have an approach in agrees the government’s rule, secretly of individual data 1988.

Free Essays on Teaching of Sign Language

Hearing individuals have a great deal to offer to the hard of hearing with regards to language, for example, the educating of gesture based communication, appropriate English, approaches to impart viably, and significantly more. What they don’t acknowledge is that hard of hearing individuals can without a doubt give back in kind. For example, one could state that most of hard of hearing individuals vindicated their insight into gesture based communication from a conference instructor. There are times where, subsequent to being educated, hard of hearing individuals would give their instructors little signals that permit them to speak with them all the more adequately. Helen E. Meador, in her article, recounts a few experiences with hard of hearing understudies. In one of her numerous encounters, she discloses how she figured out how to sign what she implies all together guarantee that her understudies comprehended what she implied, not what she marked. In one of her classes, for instance, she was perusing them a book and upon consummation, requested that they close their books and shockingly, they didn’t. When asking why they didn’t do as advised, one of her understudies revealed to her that she didn’t state it like she implied it, since her eyebrows weren’t raised. This obviously indicated the hard of hearing depended on signs to convey, yet in addition outward appearance. After this episode she figured out how to utilize increasingly outward appearance to guarantee that her understudies comprehended what she implied while she speaks with them. In another experience, Meador figured out how to be innovative with her marking. In one of her understanding classes, subsequent to finishing a short story, she solicited the class their supposition from the story. One understudy answered, â€Å"2-4-8†. Astounded, Meador asked the understudy what she implied and the understudy revealed to her that it essentially implied, â€Å"very interesting†. That day, Meador figured out how to utilize gesture based communication at an alternate level. One of the numerous things Meador gained from the hard of hearing was language resistance. In one circumstance a hard of hearing understudy showed her the visual method of correspondence. She recounts an instructor who encountered a communicat... Free Essays on Teaching of Sign Language Free Essays on Teaching of Sign Language Hearing individuals have a great deal to offer to the hard of hearing with regards to language, for example, the instructing of gesture based communication, legitimate English, approaches to convey adequately, and considerably more. What they don’t acknowledge is that hard of hearing individuals can to be sure give back. For example, one could state that most of hard of hearing individuals absolved their insight into gesture based communication from a meeting instructor. There are times where, in the wake of being educated, hard of hearing individuals would give their educators little prompts that permit them to speak with them all the more adequately. Helen E. Meador, in her article, recounts a few experiences with hard of hearing understudies. In one of her numerous encounters, she discloses how she figured out how to sign what she implies all together guarantee that her understudies comprehended what she implied, not what she marked. In one of her classes, for instance, she was perusing them a book and upon consummation, requested that they close their books and surprisingly, they didn’t. When asking why they didn’t do as advised, one of her understudies disclosed to her that she didn’t state it like she implied it, since her eyebrows weren’t raised. This unmistakably indicated the hard of hearing depended on signs to convey, yet additionally outward appearance. After this occurrence she figured out how to utilize increasingly outward appearance to guarantee that her understudies comprehended what she implied while she speaks with them. In another experience, Meador figured out how to be inventive with her marking. In one of her understanding classes, subsequent to finishing a short story, she solicited the class their supposition from the story. One understudy answered, â€Å"2-4-8†. Astounded, Meador asked the understudy what she implied and the understudy disclosed to her that it essentially implied, â€Å"very interesting†. That day, Meador figured out how to utilize communication via gestures at an alternate level. One of the numerous things Meador gained from the hard of hearing was language resistance. In one circumstance a hard of hearing understudy showed her the visual method of correspondence. She recounts an educator who encountered a communicat...

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Walt Whitman was an American Poet - Free Essay Example

Walt Whitman was an American Poet who was very influential and controversial due to his sexual imagery in his works. Hes a bold poet who brings to light shameless sexual desires and homosexuality that no one before him have since it was seen to be scandalous and unusual during his time. The theme of sexuality is present in most of his works and changed the way people of his days and todays society viewed intimacy. Whitman revised Song of myself multiple times throughout his life, deleting and inserting new lines and even changing the title. In Song of Myself, Whitman connects sexuality with nature, he speaks on human connections with the soul and body, and the ultimate power of sexual desires. Throughout Song of Myself, Whitman connects sexuality with earth and nature. His love for nature is very evident and he believes it to be a symbol for freedom. To go outdoors was also to liberate the self to ?come outnakedness was the condition of truth (Martin 48). He uses sexual metaphors to further describe how people should be expressive and come in contact with nature more frequently. I behold from the beach your crooked fingers Dash me with amorous wet, I can repay you (Whitman sec. 22), in this scene he is having a sexual encounter with the ocean, this links back in the beginning of the poem when he extenuates the idea of being undisguised with nature. Whitman doesnt use sexual imagery entirely to talk about sex but rather to describe how sexual connections with the world is necessary for human life. He is also known to be a very radical transcendentalist, so it can be seen that he strongly believes that nature, god, and people are all somehow interrelated. Whitman sees that nature is forever performing a sexual acthumans are invited to partake (Miller 1), this further highlights how Whitman saw that nature and sexuality are related to each other because he saw nature as being sexual too. To Further expand on nature and sexuality, the following lines in Song of Myself were deleted due to the widespread controversy during Whitmans years, Far-swooping elbowed earth!Smile, for your lover comeswe hurt each other as the bridegroom and the bride hurt each other (Whitman sec. 21), in this excerpt, Whitman compares the bride and the bridegroom to his sexual encounters with the earth. It again describes how in love he is with the idea and atmosphere of the earth, that he even compares it to two humans having intercourse. Afterall, he believed that language and the human body are equals (Tuten 136), he thought nature, humans, spirituality, and earth were all equal, thus he spoke as so. Correspondingly, Whitman speaks abundantly about the connection between the soul and body. Notice how Whitman doesnt just speak of just one type of sexuality throughout his poem, he mentions the auto-erotic, homosexuals, and hetersexuals. He tries to ultimately praise the recuperation of the bodybreaking down of a body/soul hierarchy or binarism (Martin 47), this is primarily seen in the anecdote when a women is watching twenty-eight men bathing in the ocean, desperately wanting to join them and describing the nude bodies of the men, soon after, Whitman is there watching too. The Poem also describes an unseen hand passing the bathers bodies (Whitman sec. 11). This is where most readers come to understand that Whitman is homosexual. However, this anecdote shouldnt be mistaken by revealing his sexuality but rather explaining how the human body and soul are prominent for human connections. Whitman celebrates the communion of the body and soul (Tuten 137), he explains that without the so ul, there is no body, and without the body, there is no soul. He states that they are both related but one if not superior to the other. On top of that, The unseen hand that supposedly is touching the bathers, could be identified as the watchers (Whitman and the women) souls. It also stated they do not ask who seizes them fast, indicating that the bathers didnt think that the touching of the soul was ungraceful but rather that they were connecting with one another spiritually. Another meaning behind this is that he didnt specify whether this unseen hand was a mans or womens. This further emphasizes how Whitman didnt care for gender, he recognized everything as equal and how individuals connected with each other spiritually and physically not because of their sexual orientation. Sexuality isthe most sacred dimension of human physicality.. ultimate means of communication between two individuals (Tuten 139), Tuten further evaluates how Whitman viewed sexuality as a whole. Whitman wants to strongly encourage humans to be more open with themselves. Emerson, a poet who was a big influence on Whitmans start in poetry, saw his works as a scholar who was brave, free, and well-comprehended. However, still Emerson asked Whitman not to publish some of his poems because of the sexual content (Miller 1), indicating that Whitman was a very passionate author who was against conformity and wanted people to understand sexuality and how effective it is for human connections. He didnt care what people judged of his works because he knew that his poem sent a message everyone needed to know. Throughout his poem, Whitman is also very interested with himself, for example, he sexualizes his own soul. In the poem, he states, you settled your head athwart my hips and gently turned over upon me (Whitman sec. 5), the you in his poem is in reference to his soul. It is also possible to say that Whitman is writing these sexual encounters with his soul because he is still in the stage of self-discovery himself. He felt largely alone in his wish to understand his sexuality in a democratic culture (Martin 47), which is seen in the poem since he didnt blatantly state his sexuality but rather jump from different types: omnisexual. Also, the poem was originally named Poem of Walt Whitman, an American, and what makes his literary contributionso extraordinary simply because it is rooted in and about him (Miller 1), so it was meant to be about himself but he was also trying to educate and share his beliefs with his audience, thus later changing the title in 1881. Whitman didnt express his own sexuality in this poem probably because he needed everyone to understand that every sexuality is normal and shouldnt be shocking to society. It was an open-secret among himself and others, especially during the civil war, since there was a lot of homosexuals durin g that time period. To expand on the theme of sexuality in Whitmans Song of Myself, he asserts the power of sexual desires to bring light to the raw nature of sexuality. Whitmans main point is to not be ashamed for having or showing sexual desires because it is natural for everyone to. Voices of sexes and lustsvoices veiled, and I remove the veilcopulation is no more rank to me than death is (Whitman sec. 24), Whitman wants individuals to know that its okay to have these desires because it was a part of being human and a community. Based on his poem, he is really against conformity. He hoped for people to feel less restricted and more free with nature, sex, and soul because it could really affect a person emotionally if they feel guilt just because of their own sexual desires. Whitman also has problems with containing his own sexual desires. He describes flames and ether making a rush for my veins, treacherous tip of me reaching and crowding (Whitman sec. 28), Whitman is recounting a moment when he was masterbating. This is important to analyze because he is having trouble with controlling his sense of touch and desire. In that excerpt, all this sexual energy was focused at one part of his body, hidden, and too powerful and violent. He rather wanted all his desire to be less centralized and more dispersed in his body. Whitman yearned to inform his readers that even though sexual desires and activities are natural, its also consequential to understand how to control the sense of touch at times because it could get out of control. During this part, he is having an autoerotic situation because it is understood that he is just as invested with his own sexuality just as he is with other individuals. Given these points, Whitman connects sexuality with nature, he speaks on human connections with the soul and body, and the ultimate power of sexual desires. Whitman saw all thing as equal and one way or another, interrelated. Writing about a very controversial subject during his time, he was a courageous man who longed to influence others, which he did. Garcia Lorca and Edward Carpenter are just a couple writers out of hundreds who were heavily influenced by Whitmans work. Whitman is a powerhouse of sharing his own thoughts, going against social norms, and at the same time, trying to find and understand himself too. After all, he just wanted everyone to feel unified and accepted.

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